how to be peaceful and loving

i’ve been approached by peace and love,
an apparition from above
told me to relay these new facts:
it is so wrong, the way you act.

male must be best, black must be white
gay must be straight, left must be right.
all my beliefs must match with yours,
or else spend years in pointless wars.

we must not change, but stay the same,
choose just one group, give them the blame.
progress is wrong, the past was great,
immerse yourself in old-school hate.

don’t ever act, just sit and pray,
if things need fixed, He has a way.
just stay content with having less,
With being murdered, and oppressed.

you may think some of this sounds odd,
but this is the glory of God!
so do not fear, you’re in good hands,
you can sit down, don’t take a stand.